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The drinkable cosmetics cures

A pioneer of nutricosmetics in France, evoleum combines health, nutrition and beauty active ingredients to create the first cosmetic-drinkable products with clinically proven efficacy.

Exceptional cures without compromise between naturalness and effectiveness. The best of nature encapsulated in a clear glass vial. In just 21 days, results are visible on the skin. Hydrated and better protected, the skin is nourished from within for a long-lasting efficacity.


Birch water

Composed of fresh and organic birch sap, evoleum’s birch water provides an immediate detoxifying effect.

Naturally highly antioxidant, thanks to its high manganese content, evoleum’s birch sap is extracted in the heart of our Finnish forests.

Pure, wild and isolated from human pollution, it allows the birch to deliver a sap of extreme quality. Evoleum’s birch water, filled with nutrients and energy from the trees, purifies, hydrates and revitalizes the skin.

Le diagnostic ma beauté Intérieure

Quelle cure de soin cosmétique-à-boire est faite pour vous ?

Chaque peau est unique. Elle est le reflet de notre fonctionnement organique, de notre santé mais aussi de nos émotions. Elle doit être accompagnée avec expertise et précision.

Pensé pour vous en collaboration avec le Dr. Naima Zerouk, docteur en cosmétologie, le diagnostic ma beauté intérieure vous oriente vers la cure de soin cosmétique-à-boire la plus adaptée à vos besoins.

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The evoleum Journal

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