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bien-être, Eau de bouleau

#bienchezsoi | Immunity & Health, through naturotherapy

Publié le 18/05/2020
bien-être, Eau de bouleau
#bienchezsoi | Immunity & Health, through naturotherapy
Publié le 18/05/2020


During this particular and singular period, evoleum accompanies you with the campaign #bienchezsoi. This new life at home, far from our usual rhythm of life, is ideal to take a step back. It is an invitation to take time for yourself, to take care of yourself. It's time to adopt a new philosophy of life, to tame everyday life more serenely. At evoleum, we would like to take advantage of this time to share with you our experience and our advice on nutrition, beauty, health and well-being.

Naturopathy, ancestral medicine, aims to strengthen the body's defenses by using means considered as natural. This approach places a healthy lifestyle at the heart of the health and proper functioning of the body. Aurélie Fleschen, naturopath, shares with us some advice to strengthen your health and immunity.

Strengthen your immunity by eating a rich and healthy diet.  

Food is an essential pillar to provide what our body needs. The contribution of good elements such as amino acids, will allow the body to strengthen its antibodies and thus stimulate its defensive capacities.
We bring the right amino acids to the body by favoring quality proteins. As far as animal proteins are concerned, eggs are a very high quality protein source. It is preferable to choose them organic and to eat them as little cooked as possible. Indeed, the more a food is cooked, the more it will lose essential elements to the body, which will make the digestive process longer. Moreover, Aurélie advises to prefer goat cheese, white meat, fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, herring, ...). Cow's milk products, red meats and charcuterie should be avoided as they will be pro-inflammatory and generate acidic waste. These elements will disturb and slow down the proper functioning of our body.


As for vegetable proteins, pulses, wholegrain cereals and fermented soya are foods to be preferred.
Diet is also an effective way to provide the body with sufficient antioxidants, which are essential to the body. These antioxidants are mainly found in fruit and vegetables. Aurélie Fleschen recommends the consumption of raw vegetables or vegetable juices at every meal, in order to replenish vital energy through a supply rich in vitamins and minerals. Fruits are rather to be preferred outside of meals, such as at breakfast or snack time, up to half an hour before a meal.


Only living things can bring vitality: that's why we prefer raw vegetables rather than cooked ones.“ 


Sprouted seeds, oilseeds as well as evoleum’s birch sap are also rich in vitamins and minerals. They are to be integrated without moderation in a daily diet.
It is important to know that our diet will determine the quality of our intestinal microbiota, which will have an effect on our immune system. Maintaining your microbiota is therefore essential. How can we do this? By feeding the intestinal bacteria with fibers. To do this, we prefer a diet based on organic wholegrain cereals (rice, quinoa, wheat, buckwheat, ...), pulses (chickpeas, split peas, ...), raw vegetables and seeds.
To maintain your intestinal microbiota, you can also bring probiotic foods, which are bacteria that will limit the development of pathogenic bacteria. These probiotics are present in lacto-fermented foods such as sauerkraut, gherkins, pickles, ... A cure of probiotics is also possible, for one month in order to strengthen your immunity.

Strengthen your immune system by better managing stress and emotions. 

Learning how to manage stress is the second lever you can use to strengthen your immune system. Indeed, stress is harmful and will have a negative influence on our immune system. This is why regular physical activity is highly recommended. Ideally, try to practice any sports on a daily basis, between 45 minutes and 1 hour, depending on your vitality. If you are in a feverish state, sports activity is not recommended.
Focusing on your breathing
is another way to manage your emotions. Aurélie Fleschen recommends the practice of abdominal breathing, which consists in bringing down the energy from the nervous system to the body. To be practiced for 2 to 3 minutes, as many times as possible during the day.
The exercise of cardiac coherence, is also an effective method to evacuate stress. This exercise makes the brain and the heart work together. To be done 3 times a day to manage your anxiety as well as possible. 


Strengthen your health with plants and micronutrients.  

Essential oils are very effective in strengthening the immune system, both in preventive and curative care. 
Aurélie Fleschen
recommends more particularly the essential oil of Ravintsara, the most antiviral. It can be diffused in the air to cleanse it, used locally or ingested internally. Before any use, it is preferable to seek the advice of a health professional because there are many precautions in the case of essential oils.
We also have at our disposal plants, such as Echinacea, which will prove to be very effective in modulating our immunity. This plant can be taken as well in preventive care as curative care, during a one-month cure.
Finally, micronutrients also have a role to play. Aurélie Fleschen recommends those to be preferred:
- liquid vitamin D3, 1000 IU/day as a cure for one or two months. 
- vitamin C, 1000g active/day
- zinc, 20mg/day
These micronutrients are to be coupled with the probiotics mentioned in the food section, so that they can act in synergy and strengthen your immunity
To moisturize and detoxify the body, also think of birch evoleum water. Rich in manganese, this plant elixir provides an immediate detoxifying effect.

Reinforcing one's vital energy and health is essential in this period. A healthy and rich diet combined with a good management of stress and emotions, through the practice of a sporting activity, are two essential steps to strengthen his immunity. The use of plants, essential oils and micronutrients is the third pillar of what can help you on a daily basis to preserve your immune system. You now have all the keys in hand to become an active player in your health

Take advantage of these moments to rethink your daily life and approach life in a more serene way. Take time for yourself, to take care of yourself, at home. #bienchezsoi

Par Margaux Guder, publié le 18/05/2020
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