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Nutricosmétique, Soins cosmétique-à-boire


Publié le 19/05/2020
Nutricosmétique, Soins cosmétique-à-boire
Publié le 19/05/2020

Nutricosmetics is a new way of thinking and consuming beauty. 

The precept? Beauty comes from within.

The idea? Absorb orally (not topically) active ingredients to improve the skin's deep nutrition. To be consumed in the form of food supplements (in powder, capsules, phials, ...) with a strong gustatory power, the products will be able to act alone or as a complement to traditional cosmetic care, in order to potentiate their effects. 

Nutricosmetics is therefore at the crossroads of the health, beauty and nutrition industries.  

The principles of nutricosmetics

Scientific research has identified several nutrients, which when absorbed orally, will have long-lasting effects on the functions and structure of the skin. This is one of the major differences with traditional cosmetic products whose external application (to the skin) does not allow them to act beyond the superficial layers of the dermis, due to a regulatory restriction. 
The idea is to think of traditional cosmetics and nutricosmetics as complementary products.  


The main active ingredients used in nutricosmetics

Nutricosmetic cures can act on the skin on several levels depending on the active ingredients used in the formulas.
As far as the skin is concerned, an antioxidant action is often sought. The aim is to prevent or at least slow down oxidation phenomena, responsible for the destruction of organic cells. These oxidation phenomena are usually caused by the attack of free radicals, favored by UV rays, atmospheric pollution and other environmental factors.
The non-exhaustive list of the main nutrients used in nutricosmetic formulations :
- Vitamins, especially vitamin C, known for its antioxidant properties and its role in the production of collagen. It also participates in the reduction of free radicals.
- Unsaturated fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and 6. They are known and appreciated for their beneficial actions on the skin by slowing down its ageing.
- Hyaluronic acid, naturally present in the body, is appreciated for its ability to retain water. This nutrient contributes to the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
- Ceramides are known for their benefits on skin hydration. They are essential molecules in the constitution of the skin barrier.
- Dermal proteins, such as collagen, which makes up the bulk of the skin's cell tissue. It nourishes the skin with amino acids and helps maintain the skin's firmness and elasticity. Another example is keratin, which makes up 95% of the hair structure. It ensures the resistance and elasticity of the hair, hence its presence in the composition of many hair care products.
- Polyphenols are well-known antioxidants, as are anthocyanins, anthocyanidins, procyanidins, flavonoids, as well as ellagic and rosmarinic acids.
- Finally, it is worth mentioning mineral salts such as zinc, which contribute to the process of cell tissue repair.

Nutricosmetics or cosmetofood ?

The two terms are often used interchangeably, yet the approach is not the same. Cosmetofood means nourishing your skin "from the inside" by favoring foods that are naturally rich in active ingredients. If the aim is the same as for nutricosmetic products, i.e. to contribute to the beauty of the skin and the radiance of the complexion, the two approaches are totally different. Moreover, the very wide variability in the content of active ingredients from one variety of fruit and vegetables to another, and the potential presence of pesticide or insecticide residues, can completely cancel out the expected benefits. On the other hand, nutricosmetic-type products are considered to be food supplements, and as such must meet very strict requirements in terms of consumer information and, above all, manufacturing quality.


The two approaches are different but work in synergy. The consumption of foods rich in active ingredients will potentiate the effects of nutricosmetic cures.  


Nutricosmetics by evoleum

Our 3 drinkable cosmetic care cures are formulated from a micro-nutritive complex associated with a mixture of cosmetic active ingredients, plant extracts and super-fruits, each selected for its exceptional qualities. Each treatment meets a targeted need for visible results on the skin.  
The Oxygenation cosmetict care protège la peau du stress oxydatif et la renforce.
The Radiance cosmetic care improves the radiance of your skin.
The Longevity cosmetic care redensifies the skin. 

Par Margaux Guder, publié le 19/05/2020
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