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Research, Development and Innovation

Years of research have allowed our experts to develop a perfect knowledge of the mechanisms of oral skin nutrition. 

The evoleum cosmetic-drinking care products are formulated from the evoleum micro-nutritive complex, active ingredients and patented ingredients whose efficacy on the skin is clinically proven.

Our cosmetic-drinkable care products are designed according to a new methodology with four major principles: effectiveness, naturalness, safety and sensoriality.


The best for a sublimated beauty

Because science is essential to innovation, research is at the heart of evoleum's DNA. Extremely rigorous, our teams have only one desire: to offer the best to our consumers.

Our research and development is nourished by a permanent dialogue between the scientific department and marketing. It is built on a precise knowledge of skin health mechanisms and on the observation of women's needs throughout the world. This is why we will constantly continue to innovate and travel in search of natural ingredients with exceptional virtues for sublimated beauty.


The micro-nutrient complex evoleum

We believe that only a solid foundation can create a range of nutricosmetics capable of generating true efficacy. 

Our R&D team has created the evoleum micro-nutrient complex for this purpose. The true root of effectiveness of our formulas, it is organized around three major entities that complement each other for a synergy of global action on skin health.


The Céramosides™

Patented and containing ceramides, glucosylceramides and fatty acids, these compounds are essential elements of the hydrolipidic film. They make the skin impermeable and resistant. 

By reinforcing this skin barrier, they maintain hydration, smooth its microrelief and preserve its elasticity and firmness. 

Our team's scientific expertise makes Céramosides™ a central element of this micronutritve complex.


Vitamin C

Our scientists think of beauty as a reflection of inner health. They make vitamin C an indispensable part of this complex. It was chosen for its synergy with Céramosides™, which it stimulates.

Healing, it also strengthens the immune system and our body. Necessary for the production of collagen in the skin, it is a powerful antioxidant that fights against cellular ageing.



Chosen for its complementarity with vitamin C, it reinforces its protective action of the immune system, collagen production and healing.

It fights against oxidative stress and the studies carried out by our scientists prove its action in regulating sebum production. An indispensable element that gives it a place of choice in this complex.

Jade Frucot
For more than two years, the search for excellence has been at the heart of the formulation of evoleum products. A complete and efficient range composed of 3 formulas thought as a synergy of active ingredients where each ingredient counts, completes, stimulates, supports the action of the other in order to improve the skin's parameters. Passion drives the work of my teams and we are very proud to have formulated these drinkable cosmetic care products.
Clinically proven efficacy

To stay one step ahead, clinical studies on drinkable cosmetic care are a requirement that we impose to ourselves. They enable us to put on the market our innovative cures, by scientifically and rigorously demonstrating their safety and efficacity.

The selection of ingredients is meticulous. Our formulas are always composed of patented active ingredients whose effectiveness is clinically proven. This is an absolute priority. The Longevity drinkable cosmetic care has been the subject of the first French clinical efficacy study carried out on a 3-week nutricosmetic cure.

This decisive evaluation step was for the first time carried out not on the ingredients that make up the cure but on the finished product. The study, carried out in October 2019, was conducted by an independent laboratory on healthy volunteers, 22 women aged between 45 and 65 years old, fulfilled and with a good lifestyle.

As science and ethics advance together, we wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of our products in the consumer situation closest to the volunteers' reality, without altering their lifestyle. During an initial visit, a first instrumental and objective evaluation of their skin's hydration, firmness, density and the depth of their wrinkles was carried out to define a reference value before the treatment.

The evaluation was carried out once the 21 days of treatment were done to determine the effectiveness, then 3 weeks after the end of the treatment to assess the persistence of the effects over time.

The results are excellent, and often superior to top-of-the-line typical anti-aging studies, with 28% increase in the skin's density measured by ultrasound and 19% decrease in the depth of the crow's feet wrinkles. I was confident in the formula but the results exceeded my expectations. Our panel was enthusiastic about the Longevity cure and would be happy to test other evoleum products.

Dr. Boisnic

Dermatologist and Research Director in Dermatology and Cosmetology