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Evoleum is the culmination of 20 years of life, experience and research on women's beauty.

As part of a holistic approach to beauty, evoleum is an avant-garde brand of nutricosmetics that has created the first exceptional cosmetic-drinking care without compromising efficacity or naturality.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, it is the reflection of our inner health and the quality of our food. Born from the expertise of its founders, Kareen and Thierry de Beaurepaire, evoleum has designed an innovative, healthy and effective nutricosmetic that meets the new beauty expectations of women.

Fondateurs d'Evoleum
Kareen & Thierry de Beaurepaire
We were made aware of living nutrition by the Hippocrates Institute in Florida, we believe that it is time to change th way women's skin is cared for, finding a balance between nutrition, cosmetics and health. This is how evoleum was born, a symbol of a strong vision shared by a dynamic and committed team.

Nutricosmetic Expertise

Founded in 2016, the evoleum brand is backed by Laboratoire Louvagny, which has been focusing its research on nutricosmetics for more than fifteen years.

Located in Paris, the Laboratoire Louvagny develops healthy and effective products in line with women's new beauty expectations. It’s made in France expertise is based on an ecosystem of professionals dedicated to health and beauty.

Rigorous and demanding, the evoleum teams are surrounded by a community of experts with a unique knowledge. Composed of nutritionists, doctors in pharmacy, cosmetologists and naturopaths, they support evoleum biologists on a daily basis in the development of  the latest products.

Naturality & Efficacity


Evoleum is the result of 20 years of experience, travels around the world and personal awareness: nutricosmetics is the new way to take care of women's skin. At evoleum, our teams select exceptional natural ingredients whose power is preserved and increased.

The best of nature selected by us for a sublimated skin. We take a holistic approach to beauty, creating a cutting-edge brand and products without compromise between efficacity and naturality. This is how evoleum was born, with a strong promise: to encapsulate the best of nature in a glass vial to create the first exceptional drinkable cosmetic care products. An innovative brand based on the selection of natural ingredients whose power is preserved by the glass and multiplied by active ingredients of proven effecacy.

A range of new products whose liquid form facilitates the assimilation of the nutritive contributions necessary to the good health of the skin while enhancing the pleasure with its taste. Natural and generous formulations, without coloring agents or preservatives, subtle blends of state-of-the-art active ingredients (Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid), plant and fruit extracts that we specifically select for their exceptional qualities and visible results on the skin.

An innovative gesture that guarantees a more hydrated, protected and healthy glowing skin. Our primary desire is to design, for all women, beauty products that are both healthy and effective. This is why we will constantly continue to innovate and travel in search of natural ingredients with exceptional virtues for natural beauty. Evoleum, soif de beauté, cure de nature.