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Beauty is sincere

Evoleum is a woman. A woman of the world, strong and enriched by life experiences. A serene woman, sublimated by her individuality, close to all women through her values and her vision of beauty. A beauty rich in meaning, which awakens the most beautiful emotions and allows her to express her personality with exigency and self-confidence.

Beauty is a commitment. By relying on the excellence of its teams, the wealth and diversity of nature and the complementarity between cosmetics, nutrition and health, evoleum's mission is to offer you the best in nutricosmetic innovation. Thought for you, evoleum is shaped to reflect your aspirations.

Marketing and Communication Manager
Elias Lebeau

Natural, efficient, transparent, sophisticated, thoughtful, demanding, meticulous...

Evoleum is the culmination of a constant quest for excellence. The detail is my passion, it's what makes all the difference. More than an intimate conviction, it is a value that infuses all our achievements and which translates into know-how and a constant search for perfection. We all share this desire to surpass ourselves in order to offer you the best and a unique sensory pleasure. We represent a new generation of luxury brands that embodies the sincerity of beautiful stories, with benevolence and respect towards our community.


Beauty is creative

The drinkable cosmetic cure has been a goldsmith's work carried out with passion by the marketing teams. 

Our natural and effective formulas are adapted to the needs of demanding women. Their power is preserved by our glass ampoule. Noble and intelligent, this galenic was presented as an obvious way to encapsulate the best of nature. Innovation is one of our founding values, but it does not exist without boldness and initiative. 

Our ampoules are presented in a majestic and surprising box. It is the result of an exhilarating creative and artistic process, a symbol of our unique vision and taste for difference.